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Infinite Profusion Scened - MBF Clan

by rabid squirrel

Posted: 9/4/2011 2:54:05 AM Views: 394

The scening process began on this track shortly after release of the naked track, but died after CC's scenery part. Rabid then revived the project when he revived the clan. We hope you enjoy our scenery debut! Expect more in the future! Fun facts: 1. This track contains three mask-splits which were tediously, time-consumingly, and painstakingly overlayed by rabid. This is the only "perfect" mask-split recording so far to the best of his knowledge. 2. This track contains 22,673 lines. 3. This track has 12 total contributors. JZor and Kohuded participated in both trackmaking and scening. All contributors: Rafael, Wizzy, JZor, HKay, Kohuded, Cereal, Devray, Commandercoke, Wolf_Spirit, Rabid Squirrel, Sssschiller, and GhostY 4. Rabid is proud of his "mini-monument" at the end and is disappointed it didn't show up very well on the recording, so here is a close-up picture of it: http://i.imgur.com/Y2zDg.png 5. Rabid would like to apologize that it's so zoomed out, but he couldn't bear to cut off any of JZor's awesome part of awesomeness 6. GhostY had to be convinced by rabid that he didn't suck at scenery after running into a scenery slump when he was supposed to do his part for this track. 7. OffTheDeepEnd suggested the music. Thanks OTDE! 8. Wolf and Rabid think that chiller's part is absolutely beastly. Everyone thinks JZor's part was beastly as well.

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