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Line Rider Now on iPad

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Play › Variant: MHENR 6.7
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mhenr18 6.7


  • Y Snap. Hold X while in the line tool to snap all lines drawn to the X or Y axis. Shift-X will act as a toggle for the snap, allowing you to not hold the X key and still achieve the same effect.
  • Colour Eraser. Holding Shift and going into the eraser tool will enable you to select a colour from the swatches to erase. Only lines that are the selected colour can be erased, other lines are ignored.
  • Redo. Shift-Backspace will restore deleted lines. The data required to redo is not saved with tracks, so the lines that can be 'put back' won't be kept.
  • Easy colour playback. Hold C when pressing play, to play the track in colour.
  • Superzoom. Hold Shift when zooming to go in twice as far.
  • Scroll zoom. In any tool, scrolling with the mouse wheel will zoom in/out.
  • Extra stats. There are separate linecounts for each type of line, as well as a timer.